Maria D.

I cannot speak highly enough about the Dr. Clark program and method, and the amazing job Griselda did helping me with a mystery kidney failure, brain and stomach cancers, extremely persistent parasitism, severe sinus and dental problems, weight loss and wasting away, deep scar problems, never ending health problems of all sorts, serious GI issues no matter what I ate or if I ate nothing, left chest pain, spleen problems, chronic dizziness and lightheadedness I have experience for over 10 years, the list goes on and on. Before I went to Mexico, I was not sure if the program was defunct or still going after the Dr’s death over a decade ago. I am living testament that the team is still going and highly functional even in 2023!!! This program is not for those who want to continue chemo, vaccinations, all contaminated meds and IVs, and not willing to make major changes to lifestyle, water source, food and eating habits, change all cleaning products, major dental work, cannot keep up an intense disciplined program of self care program for weeks or months, because you cannot detox what you keep taking in. If you are tired of being chronically sick and are not able to find any meaningful help anywhere, even from the best alternative health practitioners and best dentists, AND you are willing to Change everything and anything, and fully willing to do whatever it takes to put all your diseases behind you, this program is for you and you also are welcome to contact me at 309@dr.com if you want to ask me about details of my experience and for free quick pointers and info. I am happy to share as much information as you are willing to sit thru.


Jane & Steve Frederick Austin Texas, 12/30/16

Dear Griselda,
It’s been almost a year since we were in Tijuana working with you, and I thought you might like a progress report on Steve.
In September he decided to go back and see the doctor we had originally scheduled surgery with (Steve canceled that surgery and came to see you instead in February). The doctor was amazed. He told us flat out that he had expected Steve to be dead by now after 9 months “without treatment”. Naturally being an MD he considered the treatment protocol you gave us to not be a real treatment. Even though he could not find anything much on Steve’s tongue, he said would like to either do another biopsy or another PET scan. We decided to wait a while more.
Last week, after another visit with that doctor, Steve decided he really wanted to know for sure and so he agreed to have another PET scan. We got a call from the doctor’s office jsut after Christmas. His PET scan is normal. We asked what they meant and were told that they mean that no cancer at all showed up on his scan.
Thank goodness Jack brought us down to Tijuana to see you. By doing so, Steve avoided a horrible and disfiguring surgery with a very long recovery time and also avoided the probable chemo and radiation which would have gone along with that surgery. He is now healthy and fitter than ever with no sign of the cancer. He feels and looks great.
We have both made positive changes in our diets and habits and we continue to eat healthy organic, non-GMO, vegan foods for the most part. We also cleaned up our environment removing as many chemicals as we possibly could.
Now we feel it is our obligation to let as many people know as we possibly can that there is a safe and healthy alternative to surgery, chemo and radiation.
Bless you. We owe you more than we can ever say. I don’t think either one of us really, fully believed it would work, but it did.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a wonderful healer and the work you are doing is so very important.


Ananda, at age 57 in 2009,

I very needed physical help for years, increasingly. My energy was lower and lower, dizziness was experienced often, my digestion was difficult and slow, diarrhea was frequent, often I had headaches. I had a kidney removed surgically in 1999 with a cancerous tumor in.

This time , I choose to search for a cure over an elimination of causes. My dear friend Jack shared with me, his discovery and successful experiences  about Dr Hulda Clark’s work, from her books. I found the wonderful team of Dr Virgilio Solorio , non toxic dentist and Griselda Chavez-Sevilla tester and conductor of the protocol of Dr Hulda Clark, in Tijuana, Mexico. I resonated with the offering of the protocol . It made so much sense to me. I created time and space for the treatment to take place. The extensive testing by Griselda showed that plenty of metal, toxic presence, parasites were invading my body.  Many of my organs were positive to OPT (cancer markers) . I accepted the removal of many molars with heavy metal, abscesses, and tattoos into the gums, by Dr Solorio.  I followed the strenuous treatment set up by Griselda, with trust , confidence and hope. Dr Solorio and Griselda have been very professional, knowledgeable and supportive through out the process.

The results of the protocol have been so positive and curative , bringing me back, progressively from my sickly state to a vibrant and much alive health being.I feel even better than in my young adulthood.

I am enjoying the continuity of being  healthier and healthier with an increase of energy and a perceiving of well being in a deep inner peace.

My mouth is perceiving lightness, released from heaviness. I made and  persist to make healthy changes in my life: with the source of water I live in, with what is coming into my body /temple, with any products coming home, with my surrounding

I am still maintaining basic cares regularly and listening to my body to sustain the delightful harmony and health that I regained

I am very grateful for the abilities and accomplishments of Dr Solorio and Griselda so experts in their fields. Great thankfulness to my healers who skillfully, gracefully and advocately chaperoned me to fully recovered.



I am very grateful to you dear Griselda ! You helped me to get back my health. You patiently guided me through Dr. Clark program starting with very detailed saliva tests, parasite clean up protocol and many other parts of Dr. Clark program I was doing. It was very important for me that you supervised whole dental detox process also. I wish you all the best in life! Thank you very much! 💐 Sandra B. 53 in 2014





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