Dra. Hulda Clark Program

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Take an opportunity to clean up your body of toxicity coming from the environment, food, chlorinated water, parasites etc., as well of radioactivity from contaminated teeth, like mercury amalgams, gold crowns, root canals, heavy metals. It is possible to replace it with non contaminated dental materials tested by the Syncrometer. See why being healthy is not a matter of eating healthy food! Even ’’healthy food’’ can be toxic as well as your water. Prevent future health diseases and change your health situation by doing Dr. Clark’s procedures according her research. We will support you and guide you every step of the way!


With Love and Blessings Griselda

~~ Saliva Test using Syncrometer

We’ll search for OPT (our cancer marker) all over the body, bacteria, virus, parasites, heavy metals, Clorox and it’s compounds, allergies and more in order to provide an appropriate guide to follow Dr.Clark’s protocol.


~~ Dental work according Dr.Clark’s program

Dental detoxification program according to Dr. Clark’s procedures: metal extraction, mercury amalgams; root canals; porcelain crowns; zirconia, dental implants; plastic fillings that may be contaminated; and so on; after any tooth extraction, according to Dr. Clark’s program, we test the location of each tooth and its seven different areas, including the socket, to see if contamination remains; we also test any dental material before using it, everything has to be tested on the Syncrometer; in order to know that it is safe and free of radioactivity; of heavy metals and many other pollutants…


~~ Training on how to use a Syncrometer

If you are interested to learn how to use Syncrometer you can apply to join our Syncrometer training class. class opens twice a year. For more information please contact Griselda Chavez Sevilla trough Contact form.




~~ Dust test using Syncrometer

An important test to see if the environment in your home is free of toxicity like Clorox, radioactivity, high levels of Radon gas and chemicals than will affect your health.


~~ Water Test using Syncrometer

We provide complete and basic test for your water.
We also test food samples, cloth samples, cleaning products, etc



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