About Griselda Chavez Sevilla

Griselda Chavez’s knowledge and expertise with Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocol:

• Knowledge of the use and applications of all required supplements to complete the protocol of Dr. Hulda Clark’s Alternative Program, and to know how and when to use them.

• Knowledge of the benefits and applications of the complete protocol of Dr. Hulda Clark’s Alternative Program.

• Qualified Trainer to give basic and advanced courses of Dr. Hulda Clark’s program and also, how and when to use: syncrometer, zapper, plate zapper, ozonator, and zappicator.

• Fusion and the correct manufacture of samples and homeographics drops.

• All class of Testing Services to particulars, and companies providing complete analysis of water, food, allergies, parasitism, monitoring parasites, radioactivity and opt remnants.

• Using for this the syncrometer for the analysis described above, which are not approved by the FDA in USA.

• Important services to guide you, and accomplish complete dental work, analyzing with radioactive material which takes a great deal of time to eliminate from the organism. 


Thank you dear Dr. Clark

The following is a letter put together by Dr. Hulda Clark and Kirk White which clearly explains Griselda Chavez’s knowledge and expertise with Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocol.

Letter from Dr. Hulda Clark and Kirk White:
To Whom It May Concern: We want to introduce to you Griselda Chavez Sevilla, who has been a very dedicated and competent lab assistant and patient coach for some 3 + years. She has extensive experience as a very capable dental assistant to Dr. Solorio in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico and some training in nursing skills and extensive personal knowledge of Dr. Clark’s Protocols. Griselda has quickly taken to learning, under direct supervision many hundreds of hours working under the watchful eyes of Dr. Hulda Clark PhD ND. She has become a very good tester in the science of syncrometer testing and has an excellent grasp of the concepts in our advanced approach to defining the presence of toxins and parasites in human and animal systems We can healthily recommend her for syncrometer testing and teaching syncrometer use. I hope you can use her skills and enjoy the same excellent experience we have had. Sincerely Dr. Clark, PH. D Kirk White, Research Assistant.
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